Startup Consulting

We describe herein a typical onboarding process for a new customer. Based on our experience we offer an onboarding package. This package includes a specific number of hours for communication, meetings and preparation between Moment and the customer. This is enough for an ordinary onboarding as described in the phases of implementation in this page. However, should the hours included in the onboarding be exceeded then Moment will bill for these hours which will be priced as per Moment’s consulting rate. The customer will be notified when the included hours have been used.

Moment offer accepted

Moment Team will present the client with a detailed price offer, and ask for a decision within a certain date. The offer acceptance date is the starting point of the subscription to Moment, the implementation timeline herein described and the onboarding towards a transition of the client to Moment.


Our initial preparations cover activities such as:

  • Access to customer’s current systems.

  • Consulting client on various topics.

  • Plan the different flows that the client will use in Moment.

  • Revised import based on feedback, if requested in the offer.

  • Providing customer with a checklist of information needed for start-up consulting

During our final preparations we will:

  • Prepare every detail for the start-up session.

  • Perform the data import provided that it has been requested and approved by the customer in an offer from Moment.

Start-up Consulting

The start-up consulting consist of two remote/online sessions:

Single start-up session (remote)

In a defined date in which the customer will move over to Moment. It covers the setup of Moment and training based on the client’s needs:

  • Review of the final import and Moment setup for employees (admin users)

  • Introduction to system basics such as time registration, time balance, vacation and leave (all users)

  • Introduction to setup of clients, projects, activities, price models (project managers)

  • Introduction to invoicing and set up export/integration towards accounting system (administrative users)

  • Introduction to reporting and set up export of hours and travel expenses towards salary system(s) (administrative users)

First billing session (remote)

Before you start billing in Moment we walk you through the whole process to make sure that everything runs smoothly when doing your first billing cycle with the new system. This is often done remotely by sharing screens.

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