Advanced Onboarding Services

We provide a wide range of consulting services that cover simple tasks such as setting up your tag system, creating and implementing new routines or setting up new systems or integrations with Moment. If you have more advanced needs, one of our consultants can help you address project management, profitability, workflow optimization, accounting integration, resource planning and best use of Moment on a more dedicated basis so we can make sure to assess areas for improvement and implement best practices for the client’s company.

Make sure to check also the Advanced Import Services and Moment Training Courses sections.

A few examples of common additional consulting services related to onboarding and data import follows:

Finding the perfect workflow

Analysis of the company’s routines and advice on how to get the most out of Moment based on your needs, before training. We often see that when companies change systems, eg. for project management, a new line of possibilities opens, and there can be internal discussions on how to adapt routines to the possibilities Moment gives. This normally happens during training and we see that it is not necessarily the best use of time, since many project managers will take part and spend a lot of (non-billable) time. We highly recommend to book a meeting with our onboarding representative to go through your needs so that we can suggest solutions on how to use Moment in the best way - before the training starts. In that way you will feel more in control of how the system works and how you want your employees to use the system.

Tailored user manual for your company

We make a user guide for your company explaining the core steps of processes in Moment, eg. how to set up a project, add price models, create invoices and make reports

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