Moment Mobile (mobile app)

This privacy policy is specific to the Moment Mobile app on iOS and Android. It does not apply to the Moment web application.

Last updated: 13.05.2022


This is the privacy policy for the free Moment Mobile app. This service is provided by Moment Team AS at no cost and is intended for existing users of Moment project management web application. This app acts as an extension of the Moment project management web application, and requires a Moment subscription and login.

Personal data that we collect

In order to login to this app you need an existing Moment login. The personal data which you may provide to us could include:

  • Name, email address

  • IP address

  • Any photos uploaded into the service (e.g. expense receipts)

Any data inputted into the service is used solely for the purpose it is provided for. Moment Team AS does not use any customer data for other purposes.

Data processing and storage

All data processing takes place in accordance with GDPR regulations. The app stores your login information. Any photos inputted into the app are uploaded into the Moment software and stored there. Any photos taken in the app are saved in your Camera Roll/Photo Gallery.

Third party processors

Currently we do not use any third party data processors to provide our app services. Any changes or additions of 3rd party data processors will be notified in accordance with the Data Processor Agreement.


The security of your personal data is very important to us. We put systematic measures into place to ensure a satisfactory level of security, in relation to confidentiality, integrity and availability. All data sent between the app and service is encrypted using HTTPS.

Norwegian law

This policy shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of Norway. Any disputes shall be referred to and finally resolved by the courts of Norway. The legal venue is Oslo city court.

Changes to this privacy policy

We reserve the right to change, modify, add, or remove portions of this privacy policy at our discretion. If any material changes are made to this policy, we will provide at least 14 days notice prior to the new policy taking effect. What constitutes a material change will be determined at our sole discretion.

Contact us

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