Welcome to the privacy guide for Moment. Our company is committed to following the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) laws that have been put into place. Here you will find an overview of what data we are storing and why, what 3rd parties we work with, and the legal and ethical guidelines we follow as a company to ensure the protection of your privacy.

Our procedures

We are open in regards to our internal procedures and protections that we have put into place. All employees have been educated in data handling regulations and confidentiality. They are required to sign an agreement that they have completed their training, and must sign and agree to our data handling guidelines. In addition to educating all staff members, we regularly conduct access level audits and update staff if any changes to the law have taken place.

All of our systems are encrypted with SSL. We do not send any customer/personal data unencrypted over the internet.

Completion of training forms (All staff has completed and signed. For privacy reasons signatures have been omitted)

Guideline for data handling

Data Processor Agreement & Terms and Conditions

Here you will find the current version of our Data Processor Agreement (DPA) as well as Terms and Conditions:

Sub-processors information pages

Below is a list of the privacy pages to our data sub-processors (as listed in the DPA). Please note that the links below are to third party websites.


Impersonation is a function that we use in technical support to allow us to troubleshoot problems. For an in depth explanation on impersonation, see this article: Impersonation.

Who to contact

In the event that you have any questions about any of the content listed, or have any requests, these can be directed to our email address privacy@moment.team. We can also be reached by telephone during normal business hours at +47 22 82 87 00.

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