Standard Import

Moment’s Standard Import includes data that we typically import as part of the transition from another project management system. The data we import is detailed in this page, but only if the data is available in your current system in a meaningful, logical format. We'll have an ongoing dialogue during the import process, and agree on solutions if any questions or challenges arise.

A Standard Import only covers what is described in this section. Should you request any additional data to be imported, or any additional consulting services related to data import, you will be billed for these services additionally. Such services are priced per consulting hour.

If you need to import any data additional to what is described in this section, please see the Advanced Import section for further details.


  • Name

  • Title

  • Phone #

  • E-mail

  • Working hours

  • Photograph


  • Customer number

  • Customer name

  • Company registration number (

  • Phone #

  • Website URL

  • Mail address for the customer (not email of the invoice receivable)

  • Address

Contacts (for your customers)

  • Name

  • Job title

  • Phone #

  • E-mail


  • Project number

  • Project name

  • Customer

  • Start date

  • End date

  • Project status

  • Address

Time Tracking Records (Hours)

  • Coworker

  • Project

  • Activity, Phase or similar

  • Date

  • Hours

  • Billable hours

  • Work description

  • Internal note

  • Invoice status

Absence records

  • Coworker

  • Date

  • Number of hours / minutes

  • Absence category

  • Description

Invoice information*

  • Which project the invoice is from**

  • Invoice number

  • Invoice date

  • Due date

  • Original invoice text for each product line (where it is possible to retrieve), or a total line with information that it has been imported from the previous system

  • VAT percentage

  • Quantity

  • Price***

  • Currency

  • Bookkeeping account

*NB! We do not import the actual PDF Invoice to Moment. If you need this to be done additionally, please see the Advanced Import section below for details.

**NB: Here we are dependent on a link between project and invoice in the previous system. Sometimes invoices are only connected to customers. If there is no link between invoice and project, we will create a "dummy" project where all invoices will be collected and then the invoices will be linked to the correct customer, if there is a link between invoice and customer in the previous system.

***NB: This is about prices in finished / old invoices and not pricing of hours / product / etc. that will be billed in the future. Project prices are NOT included as standard import, and it's best that you have control over and submit this yourself. You are responsible for updating the price model for all projects in Moment before billing can take place.

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