Data Import Terms

What data we can (and cannot) import to Moment from other project management systems.

Last updated: 29.05.2020

When your company transitions to Moment, you have the option of importing essential data from you current project management system. This is an optional service, but most of our new clients make use of it. With data import, you can start using Moment almost as if it's always been your project management system, since mostly all data will be there.

We offer the following options:

Import services only cover what's described in the respective import services sections. Every import is done per system and per company, so multiple companies require multiple imports and multiple systems require multiple imports. Should you request any additional data to be imported, or any additional consulting services related to data import, you will be billed for these services additionally. Such services are priced per consulting hour.

Import Data and Shipping Policies

Information we need from you before import, to ensure proper mapping:

  • Bank Account Number.

    • To import invoices, we need to enter this number in advance.

  • 2 sample invoices in PDF-format.

    • Occasionally there are many different numbers and fields that are similar to each other in a database or in the reports we receive before the import. By looking at the sample invoices, we make sure that the numbers we enter are actually correct.

  • Example page from 2 different projects with a lot of project data.

    • Preferably with as much different information as possible - some hours, project name, project number, the customer it belongs to etc. We need this for the same reason we need the invoices.

This can be sent to us in the following ways

  • If local server based: Backup of your database (.zip if large files).

  • If cloud based: Username and password for admin account to the Moment import team so we can retrieve information directly.

  • Alternative option: Complete database in XLSX format.

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