Last updated: 13.05.2022

What is impersonation?

Impersonation is a function that allows our support team, product owners, company administrators/management and senior developers to access your Moment account. We can impersonate a user’s live account, or their account in a mirrored environment that has no effect on their live account. This means that we can see and access all the contents of your Moment account.

Why do we use impersonation?

We use this feature to answer technical support questions and check on issues as they are reported. If a user reports a problem that we are not able to replicate in our mirrored environment, then it may be necessary for us to access your profile to investigate the problem.

How do we track this?

We maintain logs of who is impersonating what account, and at what time. This allows us to conduct internal audits to make sure that this feature is being used for its intended purpose.

Who has access to this function?

Currently, only staff that have an immediate need to access profiles to provide technical support have access to impersonation. We regularly audit security access for employees to ensure that only those who need access to these features have access. All employees are trained in data handling regulations and sign data handling guidelines.

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