Advanced Import Services

In this section is described what we normally do not import during a transition to Moment. However, in some cases there is business-critical data that customers want in Moment, so we have compiled an overview of such needs which can be requested by the customer.

To the extent that it is possible to do so, we can provide the services described in the sections in this page. All such services will be provided by customer request and will be priced per consulting hour, without exceptions.

Make sure to check also the Advanced Onboarding Services and Moment Training Courses sections.

Help with organizing import data

We recommend this if you request a data import!

We have experienced several times that the data in the previous system (that we can import to Moment) needs a go through to make sure everything is in order. Systems often have different ways of organizing the data (eg. project and customer numbers, e-mail addresses and other info could be setup up in different ways, sometimes we have seen negative time records and there can be duplicates and other issues). We encourage all new users to do a “clean up” before starting the import. With our long experience of imports from different systems we can help you to find which data that should be gone through. In that way you will have a much better experience when you start with Moment and see that all the imported data is in order

Extra/additional imports

Sometimes you might want to have an extra round of import, either from another system, or you want something additional to what you agreed on in the first place, eg. invoice pdf’s or expenses. Also, if the data that was imported was not “cleaned up” correctly in advance of the import (which is the responsibility of the customer, but we can help you out - see point above), there might also be a need to do parts of the import over again. We can help you with extra imports as long as the data is available. See the Moment Onboarding - Data Import document for details.

Extra time balance / flex time

We do not import this, so you'll have to make adjustments to each employee's balance when you start using Moment. It's usually very simple and easy, and we'll show you how to do it. This is a one-time job that only needs to be done once.

Holiday balance

You must define this for each employee yourself. We do not have an overview of how many vacation days the different employees have each year and how much they can transfer from last year. This is very easy to adjust, and we'll show you how.

Some invoice info: Credit terms, due and payment status

Credit terms for specific projects are not transferred, and you should define this yourself for a) Company wide level, b) Customer level or c) Project level.

All invoices that are past due are set as paid. You must then go through and remove the payment on the overdue invoices that have not yet been paid.

Project pricing - hourly rate, fixed price, product price, etc. at both current and historical hours and projects

As a rule, we do not import this. Often it is more straightforward to set prices for projects that are to be invoiced in Moment than to have them imported. Especially when talking about different hourly rates for different employees, where the price may have also evolved over time. There may also be different prices for different activities / phases within the project. Such things make importing such data a little challenging. If there is a great desire to include hourly rates, we can look into it and get this imported if it can be done in a good way.

PDF Invoice

We have the option to import the actual invoice PDF (which has previously been sent to the customer). This requires that we either receive it or if it is possible to retrieve it for us in another way. Here we need to have 1 physical file per invoice (not 1 PDF with eg 10000 pages where each page is an invoice) and the file name contains the invoice number.

Set-up of invoice exports and integration

This is something you set up after the import, preferably together with the accountant. Some accounting systems only have the option of exporting (where your invoice manager manually exports via a button after each invoice via a download file or e-mail) and some have full integration where invoice information flows into the accounting system on an ongoing basis. You need to consult with your accounting consultant what is possible, and there is an overview in Moment which setup we have available. We can also help set this up if you wish.

Activities, tasks and products

If possible, this is something we can export from the old system and import into Moment.

Additional customer information

Additional customer information beyond what is described in our Standard import section is not included. If possible, this is something we can export from the old system and import into Moment:

  • Customer status (whether the customer is active or not)

  • Customer reference (which appears on the invoice)

  • Invoice recipient (e-mail address to which invoices on the customer in question should be sent)

  • Any tags

Status of hours - invoiced or not invoiced

This is something you have to go through yourself since in most cases we do not have the opportunity to have an overview of what is invoiced and not. At Moment, you can choose between "not approved", "approved", "invoiced" and "returned for correction". If possible, this is something we can export from the old system and import into Moment.


This is something we don't normally import, but if the previously used system has a good overview of expenses that can easily be imported into Moment, this is something we can help with. These elements will then be possible to get into place in Moment:

  • Which project and activity the expense belongs to

  • Expense category if something has been used

  • Description of the expense

  • The title of the expense

  • Employee who has had the expense

  • Date

  • Number

  • Price

  • Invoice status (if the expense has been invoiced or not)

  • Whether the expense is billable or not


If feasible, this is something we can export from the old system and import into Moment.


If feasible, this is something we can export from an old system or from existing documents and import into the Moment Quality Management System for use in projects and tasks.

Import from several different systems

This will be relevant when data is in both the accounting system and the time tracking system or similar. If possible, we can import from both systems although this will count as two different imports.

Updated number series to match the accounting system

Customers, projects and invoices may have number series that do not match what the accounting system requires. This means that the transfer of invoice information from Moment to the accounting system can crash. This is something we can help with updating.


If you feel that something is missing from the overview here, that you really want to bring with you in Moment then just let us now and we will look into it. If it is possible to import, then we will do what we can to get it done.

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